“Dave has a sound that requires a lot of cigs, hard alcohol, and time hunched over a guitar, to attain. His bluesy rocky laid-back feel is best served hot with dancing shoes and and dim lighting.”

“I like it! Dave Cormier’s ‘A Lot Like You’ has a nostalgic sound to it, a man and his guitar, like Springsteen :) It sounds like a song that would fit perfectly as opening credits music for a movie you’ve been excited to see for a long time. Two thumbs up.”

“From the straight-ahead opening bars and infectious rasp of his voice, Dave Cormier’s ‘A Lot Like You’ gets you moving before you are even aware of it. Looking Forward to the next single. Canada needs more Dave Cormier!”

“A blues sound mixed with a southern feel is the latest single ‘A Lot Like You’ from Dave Cormier. It has a catchy hook that’ll have you singing along in no time. It’s time for you too learn the name Cor Me Eh.”