A question I am asked all the time is what are your songs about? My reply is usually well… what do you think they are about? Being a very private person my songs are admittedly rarely about me. They’re also not always about what they seem. Some songs are metaphorical, some spiritual, some are about the lessons life gives us, others are about the complicated lives of family and friends. I never set out to write a song. Usually they come to me quickly, effortlessly, leaving me a little wide eyed and breathless to ponder their meanings. Lyrics I believe cannot be contrived or forced but instead must come as the music does, flowing freely from the heart. Sometimes they emerge in dreams or while going about my everyday life and sometimes they come spontaneously while strumming my guitar. It is not unusual to open a drawer only to find a song I wrote in the middle of the night complete with chord changes and lyrics that had slipped from my memory. It is a gift I’ve been given and one I’m extremely grateful for. It is also a gift I feel I must share.

Dave Cormier

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I know what they are saying
I hear it’s all around town
Enough to drive you crazy
it’ll follow you down

Maybe I’ll head on down the highway
Or maybe I’ll head on back to school, Yeah
I’d try, I’d try but baby I was born to lose
I’d try, I’d try
I was born to break the rules

The neighbours said you’re not wanted
we don’t need your kind round here
You know it’s not that simple
what we don’t know we fear


4 brothers and now there are three
hands out but your hat’s on your head
lights on but the light doesn’t shine
you go your way and I’ll go mine

Yeah your mother she’s lying in her bed
life’s gone past over hearts that bled
wasn’t enough that she’s gone and never will
All thats left is the bite of the chill


Playing like a king who’s always gonna win
just don’t realize that someone pulled the pin
Self medication baby to save the day
keep on going man that’s a game I don’t play


Fast and loose to avoid the pain
of looking in the mirror and seeing same same
like a turnstile one after another
brother, mother and some other lover
said now


Hey now momma why’d you treat me that way
didn’t ya know it would haunt me one day
hey now father lying in the ground
sure wish you were still around
there’s lots of things I’d like to say
maybe we’ll meet on the other side of shade, one day

Yeah you’re talking but there’s nothing to say
You only see things one way
I can’t hear the wind’s in my ears
It don’t mean nothing to you my dear
that’s alright cuz I really don’t mind
I’ll get used to the chatter of your kind, one day

Everything will be alright
one day you’ll feel the shine of the light
that’s alright cuz I really don’t mind
I’ll get used to the chatter of your kind, one day

Hey now sister I heard what you said
Yeah I know I’d be better off dead
uh huh Brother is that you I hear
just a whispering about your fears
always on the outside looking in
thats the way it’s always been, but one day


Thats alright cuz I know it’s me I’ll find
not looking back cuz there’s nothing behind, one day

Hey now momma why’d you treat me that way.

I can feel the rain
it’s pounding against my veins
I got nowhere to go
it’s you I need to know

Who are you running from my dear
where you gonna hide your fears
who you running to my dear
who’s gonna hide you, if it ain’t me

Laying in my bed at night
I saw truth in the light
hell yeah it’s cold outside
But I need you here tonight


Woke up in the night again
I can’t sleep through the rain
I’m tossing and turning
cuz it’s you my heart’s yearning


I’ve been wondering where have all the days gone
and how many have passed me on by
hustling and shuffling along these busy streets
dusted with memories of people places and things

I’ve been wondering
I’ve been wondering
I’ve been wondering… about you

I’ve been wondering who really knows the truth
about living, loving and dying
I’m sure the answers lie beneath those tears you’ve cried
Over all those times you’ve been suffering


I’ve been wondering which is the road to be on
and of coming days and what they’ll bring
Those glory days are but a haze
thats why I’m sitting here just thinking


Star-crossed eyes rolled back inside
she doesn’t care she loves that smile
Come in inside yeah we’ll get high
Just give me the money and I’ll say goodbye

I don’t care if you wanna slow down
I don’t even care if you wanna stop for awhile
I’ve tried to give to you everything I can
But Rosie I won’t be home tonight

You say you wanna get me all alone
and your heart well it wants to explode
But I’m not someone to push you around
spent too much time trying to get my feet back on the ground


You know I’d try but it ain’t so bad
Yeah you say I’m the best you’ve ever had
you play with fire and you might get burned
and thats the best lesson that you’ll ever learn


I won’t be home tonight
I ain’t comin home tonight

I’ve got a problem babe
it’s one I’d like to share
It seems I’m having dreams
well more like nightmares
All alone in the dark
with just the beat of my heart
All alone in the dark
without you, beside me

You got the money
but you don’t got the fun
You got your honey
but they ain’t the one
I got the answer
But your on the run
It’s me, its’ me, oh yeah it’s me

You see I’m on the edge
and I cannot see
my life without you lying
here with me
All alone in the dark with just the beat of my heart
All alone in the dark without you, beside me


All alone in the dark
with just the beat of my heart
All alone in the dark
without you beside me


You say stop
I say go
You say go easy boy
but I can’t go slow
I feel so close
to you when you’re not around
gotta keep on moving
when my feet hit the ground

There’s a million conversations on the way to your heart
a million conversations where do we start

You say why
I say why not
cuz you’re standing still
like you wanna be caught
And then you smile
as you lean right in
I can feel the heat
of original sin


Black night hang your foolish pride on me
Morning will come soon with a bright sky
Southern smile knowing your not coming back to me
Now I gotta go and make it right

Sarah why are you running thorough my dreams
Sarah I’m going to set you free

The sun is shining down but it still looks dark to me
Gonna draw a line to your desires
Dressed like a woman she’s always in my dreams
I’m gonna walk your lonesome mile


Etched in stone you look so good to me
I’m gonna change your style
Painted like a picture seen only in a magazine
I’m gonna walk your lonesome mile


It’s good to be back yeah
But maybe not for good
I’ve spent a lot of time
Just kicking round this neighbourhood
Just because you’re up
Doesn’t mean you’ll be bringing me down
I guess you could say
I’ve been around

There’s a smoking gun
knocking at my door
There’s a smoking gun
hero’s in peace hero’s in war
In peace and war

Now just because you’re rich
Doesn’t mean you’re not poor
You can be wrong when you’re right
Yeah i’ve been there before
I guess you could say
I could use a little more
out of this old world
This cold world


Do you remember when
my good father died
Do you remember when
you told me  all those lies
Sometimes when i’m weak
I become oh so  strong
I guess you could say
It’s time for you to be moving on


She’s got one foot in
the other one’s out
Come on baby,
whats that all about
She’s got things to do
She’s got places to go
She’s got people to see
that don’t include me

But I love her don’t you know
with all my heart and soul
I really want her cuz she’s so
Yeah she’s so pretty, So pretty

She walks away
like it was any other day
It don’t mean much
when you’re down on your luck
I tried to win her back
but her mood was black
She’s don’t need me
and that’s plain to see


See the girl with the magazine smile
yeah the one lost in denial
Keeps eating to hide her pain
throw it up start all over again

See the man with the tats on his face
yeah he’s got them all over the place
He looks like he wants to fight
Just wants to hide in plain sight

There’s so much frustration running through my veins
a sad situation nothing seems to change
I look in the mirror the question’s the same
What’s my name

See the man with the crocodile smile
he’ll go the extra mile
Just did a stretch of five to seven
be careful he’ll send you to heaven

See the boy with the vacant stare
he looks like he doesn’t care
Dad’s gone and Mom’s not home
in a jail cell all alone


See the soccer mom kids in tow
She’s got it man don’t you know
Little white pill to keep her sane
keep up that’s the name of the game


What’s my name

Hey yeah baby I’m trying to see
just what it is you’re doing to me
Oh yeah I’m trying to understand
Why she walks like a women and she talks like a man
Now don’t go running too far away
it’s only a dream so you’d better stay

Beggars can’t be choosers or so they say
But that’s not what I want
That’s not what I want

Oh yeah you’re trying to understand
maybe I’ll be like you and bury my head in the sand
There’s winners and losers just like me
Yeah baby I’m still trying to be free
I don’t know why I can’t understand
Why she walks like a women and she talks like a man

Beggars can’t be choosers or so they say
But thats not what I want


Beggars can’t be choosers or so they say
But that’s not what I want
That’s not what I want