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Cor-me-eh, an accomplished album of working- class rock n’ roll… an all- star roster to help bring the Springsteen-esque rock songs to life- Times Colonist

A timeless rock CD that evokes comparisons to Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen- Comox Valley Record

  iTunes Customer Reviews

Easy listening. Great rocking songs, this is a must for anyone’s collection looking forward to the next album!  A fantastic album it’s hard to believe this artist is not signed by a major label.

This is a really good album I really like the sound of his voice.

A surprisingly good album. Lots of really catchy rock songs with great lyrics

From great guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and classic rock and roll voice, Dave really nails it on this cd, can’t stop listening to it. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

Fantastic classic rock sound, great tracks and good riffs! Can’t wait for the next one.

Excellent mix of Bob Segar, Bruce Springstein and the heart. Vocals are soothing and transport a person to a day in a life. I completely enjoyed every song as each had a message just for me.  A definite must have in the music library.

I just love these tracks. At first just an easy sound to like and listen to but the quality of the recording and some pretty clever lyrics just keep drawing you in for more. I especially like the guitar work throughout the recording. Call me a fan.

Great music! Meaningful lyrics and beautiful sounds. I love it!

Fan Comments

Went to iTunes to catch a listen and got sucked right in. Easy to listen to at first but the quality of the music and recording kept me coming back for more.

Just learned the solo on Hey now Momma, tasty playing

I’ve been listening to this album with a little more focus on the vocals. I always knew you were a great singer but on this recording you are a great singer with your use of dynamics, tones and mood your voice has more character than ever

This album sounds very current… great cd very polished and worth putting your energy into, the songs are diverse… very cool!

I enjoyed the playing it was tight and clean with a great bluesy feeling vocal

Just finished listening to the album, Hey now momma is my favourite!

After being recommended this album by a friend I decided to give it a listen. Great voice really drew me in and very catchy songs. Glad I bought it. What’s My Name is my favorite song.

Yeah, I know local, organic…homegrown is good. And when it comes to music, it’s even better. Support your local musician, growing and cultivating his craft in your neighborhood.

Last night I dropped in at the Spiral Cafe, didn’t know a lot about Dave Cormier, but knew about Zak Cohen and The Woodshop Recording Studio and the music their producing and mixing. Dave Cormier Music, is an incredible singer/song writer…story teller. His music is a mix of R & B with a rock blues influence. He’s kind of got the Mellencamp feel…but in my mind better. Anyway, he’s touring around Victoria, and the island with a friend doing acoustic sets in November and December promoting his new self-titled cd.

And the cd, Wow!!! I know 2013 isn’t over…but I’ve listened to a heck of alot of R&B, and blues this year. I’ll just say it, this is the best cd I’ve listened to this year. Incredibly mixed and produced…polished and tight, but still has a bit of a rough edge to it. If it doesn’t get nominated for a The JUNO Awards, or a Maple Blues Awards there’s something wrong. Good luck on the tour Dave, I’m hoping there is a full on electric show in the future with the band. Fingers crossed.

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